Mapping with Drones

Using drone data on the jobsite allows you to track progress, manage inventory and measure distances, grades and heights in a fraction of time compared to traditional methods.

Drone Mapping Service

We make it easy to create accurate, high resolution maps and 3D models, as well as real-time 2D Live Maps for immediate analysis.

Site Progress

Effectively Monitor and Report on building progress as well as layout and inventory. Get a comprehensive view of the jobsite from planning to completion


Create accurate, high-resolution maps. Drones for mapping and surveying is 85% quicker and costs 4 times less than typical measurement methods

3D Models

Save time and accurately measure stockpile volume. Manage inventory and achieve a 2-5% accuracy

How We Help

We are able to Quickly Plan, Collect and Analyze Drone Data more efficiently than traditional methods. Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost.

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Schedule Site Progress Photos

Measure Stockpile Volume

Perform surveys, conduct inspections

Establish Consistent Processes

Improve Safety

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Birdlike Drone Solutions has been a huge asset to our project. Monthly photos have given us the ability Monitor and Report on the progress from start to completion.

Harry Jones
Jim H.
Project Manager

Professional and responsible. The Birdlike Crew allowed us to capture and monitor changing area conditions, something that took an immense amount of resources before.

Adam Jones
Pierce P.
Assistant Superintendent

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